Living Laboratory for Research in
Human-Robot Systems

R House is a "living lab" for research in robotics and human-robot interaction. In our lab, scholars from social and technical disciplines collaborate on the stufy and design of assistive robotic technologies for neighborhoods, homes, and offices.

Recent news from R-house

Student Travels to Japan for Collaborative Research

October 2016: Marlena Fraune travels to the ATR Lab in Kyoto, Japan to perform field research with Dr. Takayuki Kanda and the humanoid robot Robovie

Lab gets New Robots!

September 2016: Thanks to an NSF grant, new robots are populating the R-House, including Beam and Baxter. Welcome, robots!

German Researcher visits the R-House

August 2016: Angelika Hoenemann traveled to Bloomington to kickstart brainstorming and research projects between CITEC in Bielefeld and the R-House. Welcome!

Lab Head Awarded Tenure!

May 2016: This year, Selma Sabanovic has been awarded tenure at Indiana University. We're so happy for you, Selma – you deserve it!

Research Assistant Receives Honorable Mention at Conference

April 2016: Margaret Krupp received an honorable mention for her speaking presentation of her work on moral consideration of robot groups at the Midwest Undergraduate Cognitive Science Conference. Congratulations, Margaret!

Research Assistant Accepts NSF REU

February 2016: Margaret Krupp is accepted to the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU) for research on privacy and telepresence at Oregon State University. Congratulations, Margaret!

Workshop accepted to RO-MAN 2016

February 2016: Marlena and Selma, partnering with Ricarda Wullenkord and Friederike Eyssel from Bielefeld University, have had their workshop on Group HRI accepted to the RO-MAN 2016 conference!

Japanese Researcher visits the R-House

January 2016: Yusaku Nishiwaki, from Toyohashi Univerity of Technology's Interaction & Communication Design Lab, is testing the Talking Ally robot's English-speaking abilities at Indiana University. Welcome, Yusaku-san!

Students attend ROMAN

September 2015: Wynnie, Hee Rin, and Bobak presented two papers and one poster this September at the annual ROMAN conference in Paris France!

Mugbot makes its debut at Detroit maker Faire

Dr. Seta Koike, a visiting researcher at IU and in the R House this summer, designed a simple social robot that appeared in Detroit Maker Faire in July. Mugbot brought home some awards and a notable mention. Congrats!

Selma and students take exploratory trip to Japan with Dr. Shibata

Hee Rin, Wynnie, and Selma spent two weeks in July touring recovery centers for tsunami victims and assistive living homes where Paro, the seal robot, provides comfort and companionship.